to Jiho from me

'U r a c-grade idol and smell like feet'


[INFO] Around 11PM on the 12th, a city bus hit the van that JB and staff were in. They are being hospitalized. (according to Incheon area news). Witnesses say that the van was backing up when the bus hit it. They are in a hospital in Incheon. No further info at the moment.


life is meaningless, Woo Jiho is too


When you see the booty and it’s aight





[FOTO] 09.09.14 - ZICO cr: dhoon817 @ Instagram


[FOTO] 09.09.14 - ZICO

cr: dhoon817 @ Instagram

seraphic | do not edit
seraphic | do not edit

Bibum and Kyung’s mission

↳ to get a paper ball in the wastebin from a moving chair

ya its ur fav

zic: helo kyung (:

kyung: I’m the son that makes all of the mothers jealous in this scene Criticisms, bitching, I’ve dealt with it all The legend of this scene that’s been through it all I’m like a sweet lollipop to the ladies And a nose bleed to the boys that aren’t worth shit

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sar here!!! hello i am 15 and im from aus n this is a kpop bloge
i like jaehyo and the kyung sometimes lol